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Wills and Estate

For peace of mind when planning your furure.

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Mann Legal offers one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to prepare a legal Will in Geelong and the Surf Coast. We recommend reviewing your Will on a regular basis to ensure it’s kept up to date which will make the distribution of your estate much easier for your beneficiaries.

We can assist with the following:

  • Drafting & updating Wills (including Wills with testamentary trusts)
  • Appointing a medical treatment decision maker
  • Appointing a financial attorney under an enduring power of attorney
  • Appointing a personal attorney under an enduring power of attorney (previously known as guardianship)

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FAQ – Wills & Powers of Attorney

Do I have to tell my executors/attorneys that I have appointed them?

Yes, you will need to tell your executors and attorneys that they have been appointed by you.

Do I have to give a copy of my Will/Power of Attorney to my executors/attorneys?

No, you do not need to give your executors or attorneys a copy of the Will or Powers of Attorney. You should however ensure that they are aware of the place where the original documents are kept for safekeeping.

Are my executors entitled to know the contents of my Will?

No, you do not have to tell them the contents of your Will at the time of making the Will.


We can help you apply to the Supreme Court of Victoria for Probate in circumstances where there is a valid Will and you have been nominated as the Executor of that Will. Once a Grant of Probate has been obtained you will be authorised to distribute the deceased estate in accordance with the provisions of the Will.

If a valid Will has not been left, we can assist you to make an application to the Supreme Court of Victoria for Letters of Administration. In these circumstances, there is legislation which details how an estate can be distributed and by whom. The Supreme Court can then appoint an Administrator to distribute the estate.

FAQ – Probate

What is a Grant of Probate?
A Grant of Probate is a court document that certifies that a Will is valid and can be acted upon. The Grant of Probate will give your executors the right to administer your Estate in accordance with your Will.

How long will it take?
Once the probate application has been lodged with the Supreme Court, the Grant of Probate usually issues within approximately 2 weeks. Administration of the estate however will generally take between 3 to 4 months and will include determining estate assets and the requirements for release, preparation of the probate application, collection of assets and subsequent distribution to beneficiaries.

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